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About You Drew That Creations

Drawing is a passion of mine that I have enjoyed doing since I was a child. People often ask if I went to school for drawing and the answer is no, I am blessed to have a talent that I enjoy doing when I find the time. The best part of drawing for me is experiencing the joy it brings to others. There is nothing better than seeing the response on someones face when they see a drawing of someone or something they cherish.  

The name "You Drew That" creations came from my childhood. At 10 years old I found a picture of my mom in a magazine (pictured above right). I decided to draw it and when my dad saw the drawing (pictured below right), he asked "You drew that?"  This continues to be the question asked by friends and family when they see my drawings. Therefore, www.youdrewthat.com and You Drew That creations were born.

I hope you enjoy my drawings as much as I enjoy drawing them. Thank you for visiting and please keep You Drew That creations in mind for holidays and that special occasion. I would be happy to create your very own "You Drew That" creation.